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Our People Make us EXCELLENT our processes make us awesome.

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James Howard PHD

Jim is an experienced AI architect with more than 15+ years of expertise in developing and deploying powerful machine learning (ML) solutions. He applies cutting-edge research to create real-world impact and drives tangible value for Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Land O' Lakes, and Meta. He shares his knowledge as a teaching professor for graduate level ML ops & AI courses.

Jim's areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic ML: Crafting and implementing impactful large language model strategies.

  • Model Development Mastery: An expert understanding of diverse ML algorithms, designing and constructing high-performance models.

  • Production Deployment Expertise: Developing and deploying 0-1 models and integrating them into existing systems, deploying 0-1 models and integrating them into existing infrastructure, ensuring scalability and real-world effectiveness.

 His diverse client portfolio has equipped him with a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities across business sectors.

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James Snyder Phd

For 15+ years, James has been a visionary computer science engineer, translating complex algorithms into real-world applications.

Dr. Snyder's areas of expertise include:

Computer Vision Mastery:

  • Dr. Snyder possesses a deep understanding of advanced image recognition algorithms and real-time object detection systems, empowering machines to see the world with exceptional accuracy.

  • Control Algorithm Architect: His expertise extends beyond vision, encompassing the design and implementation of control algorithms that optimize performance in diverse applications, from robotics to autonomous vehicles.

  • Innovation through Application: Transforming Theory into Practice: Dr. Snyder excels at translating theoretical concepts into practical, impactful solutions that address real-world challenges.

His outside-the-box thinking has yielded pioneering results in controls, biotech, government and medical industry spaces.

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sarA howard ma mba

 Imagine a world where your data isn't just numbers but a vibrant tapestry of insights waiting to be woven into a masterpiece of strategic innovation and talent integration. That's the world Sara brings to life.

A keen analyst, educator, and trusted ally, Sara doesn't just crunch numbers; she crafts stories illuminating your organization's hidden potential. With 15+ years of higher ed knowledge she translates complex data into clear, actionable stories that drive measurable improvements.

Sara isn't just a data whisperer.


Change for Good: She's a skilled change management expert, ensuring seamless integration of data-driven strategies:

Data to Action: She doesn't just analyze; she activates. Hand-in-hand with your team, insights become tangible plans and initiatives.

Buy-In Across the Board: From executives to the frontline, Sara fosters a culture of data-driven decision-making, uniting everyone towards shared goals.

Sara's not just a strategist; she's a catalyst. She's the spark that ignites your organization's potential, the alchemist who transforms your data into gold. 

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Elizabeth Snyder MBA

With 20+ years of industry experience under their belt, Elizabeth isn't just a business analyst – they're a catalyst for change and growth. Through masterful data analysis and stakeholder engagement, they transform complex challenges into actionable solutions, propelling organizations toward a brighter future.

Elizabeth Brings:

Unwavering data-driven insights: From untangling complex data sets to weaving compelling narratives, [Your Name] transforms raw information into actionable strategies that guide clients toward tangible results.

Masterful stakeholder engagement: Bridge the gap between data and decision-makers with [Your Name]'s exceptional communication skills. [He/She/They] build trust, foster collaboration, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Process optimization alchemist: Inefficient processes are no match for Elizabeth's keen eye and innovative solutions. They streamline operations, boost productivity, and unlock hidden potential in every project.

Transformation, Not Just Change: She doesn't just implement; she inspires. Elizabeth helps your organization evolve, adapt, and thrive in a dynamic world.

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"I am extremely impressed with conjectureAI's expertise in AI and their ability to provide customized solutions that meet my business needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for AI consulting services."

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"conjectureAI's team of PhD Machine Learning experts is top-notch. They were able to develop an AI solution for my company that has exceeded all of our expectations."

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"Working with conjectureAI has been a game-changer for my business. Their AI solutions have helped us optimize our operations and improve our bottom line."

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